Photo Credit: Carolyn Jasken | Facebook

14-Year-Old Nets $10,000 Fish

Teenage angler catches top prize at Port Alberni’s Salmon Derby


This isn’t one of those “big fish tales” anglers are famous for.

It actually happened.

Port Alberni teenager Justin Mckay caught a 27.1 pounder at this weekend’s Salmon Derby in Port Alberni.

Not only does he have a big fish tale to tell for the rest of his life, but Justin also won himself a ton of pocket money.

$10,000 worth, to be exact.

Sheesh. Go off, kid.

The youngest derby winner of all time was stunned.

“I can’t believe it,” McKay told Alberni Valley News. “It feels like I’m in a dream.”

In typical teenage fashion, Justin was reportedly playing a game on his phone when he first saw his top rod go off.

After an exhilarating five-minute chase, Justin and his mother finally reeled in the fish and netted it.

One heck of a catch, to be sure.

He caught the heaviest fish of the entire weekend.

Now with all his prize money, Justin plans to buy a dirt bike and treat his family as well.

“I’ll take my mom and stepdad out for dinner,” he said. “That’s a lot of money for a 14-year-old.”

Quite a grown-up decision.

Justin wasn’t the only one who had a great weekend at the Salmon Derby, either.

After the “festival” portion of Salmon Fest was cancelled, volunteers and sponsors put together a “mini-fest” for the weekend.

The Sugar Shak put on a fireworks show from Centennial Pier on Friday!

Local musicians donated their time to play some rockin’ music for the weekend.

Kids were entertained by art projects from the Community Arts Council, and Alberni Teens Can Rock put on a crazy karaoke competition on Sunday!

Plus, a delicious salmon dinner cooked up by the Little and Robinson families kept everyone fed and laughing through the weekend.

There were approximately 1,500 fishers in all at this year’s derby. Not all of them came away with ten grand, but they all had a grand old time.