Two pouches rescued from a remote island.

Photo Credit: Dalynn St Pierre | Facebook

Abandoned Pups Rescued From Remote Island

A whole team effort went into saving "Bear" and "Tiger"

Once the pair is healthy, they’ll be up for adoption

Krystyna Podlasly, Dalynn St Pierre, and Ashley Riley were boating by Minstrel Island when they saw what they thought were wolves.

On second glance, they realized the animals were far from it.

They were actually half-starved dogs, and how they’d ended up on the island was a mystery.

The three went to shore to investigate.

Five hours of gentle coaxing and a beached boat later, all dogs and passengers were safely aboard and headed back to the MOWI salmon camp where Podlasly, St Pierre, and Riley were working.

The dogs, who the team dubbed “Bear” and “Tiger,” were cared for there for three days before being surrendered to Tri-Port Wildlife Response Team.

In less than 24 hours of their story being posted online, internet sleuths managed to solve the mysterious circumstances that led to them wandering alone on a deserted island.

Tri-Port Wildlife Response team member Jill Laviolette told the North Island Gazette the details.

An anonymous tip pointed in the direction of the person who owned the dogs’ mother.

From there, it was short work to find their former owners and get the story.

“The dogs were brought to an island near Minstrel Island, further up the channel, and then they made their way over time to Minstrel,” she said.

In short, they were abandoned and somehow travelled there all on their own, likely in search of food.

They’re some pretty determined pups.

While their former owners have been identified, their names will not be formally released.

Bear and Tiger, however, will hopefully soon be ready to head to a new home together.

“When they are healthy and ready for their forever home, we will be accepting applications to adopt these two together, as they are bonded.”

If you’d like to help care for the pups in the meantime, donations can be sent to