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BC Government Sued Over Lack of Climate Action Reporting

The Sierra Club is calling the Government of BC's bluff over climate action

Is the BC government catfishing the public on climate action?

The Sierra Club of BC us suing the BC provincial government.

“The government has failed to show us how it will meet its climate targets and broken its own laws in the process,” they allege. They are being represented by Ecojustice.

The BC government, the Sierra Club claims, has failed to publish plans on how they will meet key climate targets. They are legally required to publish those plans because of their own legislation.

That legislation is known as the Climate Change Accountability Act. But there isn’t much accountability happening.

Alan Andrews, lawyer for EcoJustice, breaks down the response from the BC government to the legal challenge in this Twitter thread (click to read it in full):

But here’s the gist of their response.

BC NDP: We are committed to climate action! We will hit many important climate targets!

Sierra Club of BC: Okay great, show us your plans for that.


Sierra Club of BC: We’re taking you to court to get the plans.

BC NDP: You can’t take us to court! We can only be judged by the court of public opinion!

BC Court of Public Opinion: That’s you—how do you feel about all this?