A xray of a broken arm with the word OUCH written over it.

Photo Credit: Muir Orthopaedic Specialists

Don’t Break Your Arm in Port Alice

Healthcare woes on NorthIsle continue

If you need an x-ray in Port Alice, you’ll need to go somewhere else

Can you believe Port Alice hasn’t had x-ray services for the past week? The machine in the town’s medical clinic has been on the fritz since May 3rd.

That is totally unacceptable.

Island Health is trying to get a portable x-ray machine to the clinic, but that might not be up and running till May 12th.

Even when the machine arrives, it will need to be checked by the Diagnostic Accreditation Program to make sure it’s working properly. You wouldn’t want an x-ray to give you the wrong information, would you?

Only Island Health doesn’t have any control over when the machine will be approved and ready to go.

But if they have no control over the situation, then who is in charge here? No really—is anyone at the wheel at Island Health?

This latest problem is happening during a doctor shortage in the Tri-port area. And troubles keeping the doctors who like it here. And closing clinics down Island.

It’s another sign that BC’s healthcare system is crumbling.

Anyone who is unfortunate enough to need an x-ray will have to go to Port McNeill or Port Hardy to get one. That’s not ideal.