A group of youngsters paddle a giant canoe. They look very excited, and it's a sunny day.

Photo Credit: Sara Kempner Photography

Get Ready for Summer Camp

Registration starts in May

When you ask your kids how their day was, they’ll say great!

It may not feel like it, but summer is just around the corner. And that means it’s time to get signed up for summer camp!

Cumberland Lake Park Society is all set up to welcome your kids. They promise to leave them “tired and inspired.”

Forest Ramblers

Get those kids out in the forest! Campers will go on hikes through secret trails in the woods and check out spectacular views. And they’ll learn about the forest as they go.

This program can take campers onto some challenging trails, but they also want campers of all abilities and experience levels to have fun. If your kid would love Forest Ramblers but would have trouble on harder trails, let the camp know. They’ll work with you and your little one to make sure they can join in on the adventure.

Water Ramblers

This camp gets kids out on the lake. They’ll get to paddle the huge voyager canoe with their friends. This one is best for kids who like to get wet.

The camp welcomes kids who haven’t paddled before. They also have all the safety gear, so campers don’t have to know how to swim to have fun.

Camp Kin

This camp is for youngsters who are queer, trans, two-spirit, questioning or curious. It’s a bit like Water Ramblers, but it’s all about creating a safe space for kids who are exploring their gender and sexual identities.

Kids in Camp Kin will have fun on the lake with campers and instructors who share their experiences.

Park Ranger Program

This free afternoon program gets kids and families out into nature. Learn about the plants, trees, and animals that live near the lake.

You can drop the kids off for the afternoon, but please book in advance!

The Town of Cumberland has been investing a lot into the park these past few years, and it’s paying off. Not only are more kids coming to the summer camps, more visitors are coming to enjoy the lake.

Cumberland Council member Gwyn Sproule was super impressed with how vibrant the park is now.

“It is world-class,” she said at a council meeting last November. “I’m really thrilled that there are all these programs.”