Photo Credit: Campbell River Hospital Foundation | Facebook

Local Man Gives Healthcare Workers A Shout Out!

A local man reminds us that our medical system may be struggling, but the people holding it together are rocking it.

“Showed me there’s still love in the world … and gave me hope.”

Allan Finnbogason ended up in the ER over the holidays.

Definitely not how anyone would hope to spend their vacation.

But, far from complaining about his luck, Finnbogason called it an experience that “showed [him] there’s still love in the world.”

Finnbogasen wrote a post shouting out his hospital stay and the care he received throughout.

“This is about the incredible staff at the Campbell River Hospital, every single employee and volunteer that chose to continue caring for everyone through the pandemic and beyond.”

During his week-long stay, he had to wait in the hallways due to a lack of space.

Not ideal by any means, but he said he was stunned by how many of the staff were treated by patients under the same circumstances.

“Yes, our medical system is broken, but it is still better than the majority around the world, so I ask that all you strangers… be patient, understanding, and grateful to those strangers that simply want to help you. “

He wanted to make a reminder that it’s important to remember how hard healthcare providers are working, and said the effort these “strangers” gave to all their patients “gave [him] hope for all of us strangers.”

“Those strangers at the hospital didn’t ruin my x-mas, quite the opposite. They showed me there’s still love in the world.”

He gave a “BIG, humble “thank-you” again to the Campbell River hospital.”

Finnbogason jokingly compared them to a resort and spa experience.

“You’re ALL an inspiration and appreciated by many,” he said.

Healthcare worker Dawn Summerton replied to his posting, thanking him for his appreciation.

In the worst of times, it’s understandable and often expected that patients will act negatively.

But she said little positive interactions do make the biggest impact on both patients and workers.

“I love hugging my patients and making jokes with them, and that outweighs the negative people that we deal with.”

While the 7 pm pot-banging quarantine shout-outs to healthcare workers may have gone the wayside, it’s still important to show appreciation for those holding our struggling system together.

“To those that know anyone in the health care system, they’re tired,” said Finnbogasen.

“Make them a meal or 3, rake their leaves, wash their car, give a big hug…give them kindness and Love.”

He said that giving this energy to healthcare workers and everyone around you in 2023 would make the hugest difference in the world.

“I personally wish all you strangers around the world… sore tummies from laughter, and sore cheeks from smilin’ for 2023 and all the way til you’re done here on our lil’ rock in the universe.”

We may just be floating around on a chaotic little rock, but it’s awesome to see that even in the worst of times, people are rockin’ it.