A person stands dressed as the Grim Reaper in front of a truck on a rural highway.

Photo Credit: David Lipnowski / Canadian Press

There’s Lots to Be Mad At—Joining the Convoy Is Not the Answer

COVID is maddening, but joining with Nazi flag wavers and white supremacists won't solve our problems

Don’t get duped by the drama

It’s been almost exactly two years since they found the first COVID case in BC. Did you expect that we’d still be in this mess two years later?

No, we didn’t either.

We didn’t expect to be wearing masks everywhere we go. We didn’t think we’d have to learn new letters in the Greek alphabet because COVID made little virus babies that needed new names. We didn’t think we’d still have to make plans, but with a COVID-friendly backup—just in case.

We thought maybe, just maybe, the government would assess the situation and come up with a plan that would keep us safe.

But instead, we got patchwork plans. We got lockdowns that kept us from seeing family and friends but kept work camps open. Gyms were closed, but you could still go to a concert. You could visit your relatives in long-term care, but only one person at a time, even though everyone is vaccinated.

And when the virus got really bad, it was like our leaders just gave up.

You know what? This whole mess is super frustrating. And the government’s confusing rules are making things worse.

This weekend, thousands of people decided to take their frustration and drive them all the way to Ottawa. Folks who couldn’t get to Ottawa went to Victoria to yell and honk at the Legislature.

They said they’re mad at government vaccine mandates. They said they’re standing up for freedom and unity. They claim they’re fighting for Canadian values.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the drama. The photos of all those trucks are impressive. The GoFundMe campaigns have raised over $9 million. The story is all over the news.

You might find yourself thinking, “Hey, I’m mad too. Maybe these guys have the right idea!”

Why? Because it feels good to be mad. Sometimes it feels amazing–especially after a couple of years of huge changes with no end in sight.

And there’s stuff to be mad at! 

Omicron blew up everyone’s Christmas and holiday plans. The government’s advice on how to keep our families safe has been all over the place. Things are getting more expensive. Photos  (Fake?) are going around of empty shelves in the grocery stores.

That’s a lot to be mad at!

But if you look closer, the truck rallies have a scary edge. In Ottawa, some folks went to the rally carrying flags with Nazi symbols. Someone targeted a same-sex couple with a Pride flag in the window by taking a poop on their lawn.

Jim Doerksen, a truck rally supporter from Saskatoon, told Global News, “I advocate civil war…If people don’t want to stand up, we’ve got guns—we’ll stand up, and we’ll bring ’em out.”

The Convoys organizers are not your typical Canadians who’ve had enough. Instead, they’re a who’s who of Canadian extremists. 

The people who started the truck convoy GoFundMe are part of a far-right political party that wants to separate Alberta from the rest of Canada. They spread conspiracy theories that target Muslim and Jewish people. Others support QAnon and wild conspiracy theories.

Are these really Canadian values? Does that sound like unity?

Yes, be angry at all of the wild bullshit we’ve been living in for the past few years. But remember that it’s easy to get fooled when we’re angry. Anger can make us feel powerful, but we aren’t exactly thinking straight when we’re mad.

Don’t let bad actors use your anger. They will dupe you into becoming a worse person, not a better one.