A shot of Virgin Falls on a sunny day.

Photo Credit: Canadian Eh | Youtube

Virgin Falls is Open!

Only folks willing to make a 30 km hike up a logging road have seen the falls in a year

That wild washout from last November has finally been cleared away

Last November, when the mainland’s highways blew apart, we got cut off from one of WestIsle’s most epic sights: Virgin Falls.

A huge washout covered the logging road about 15 km out from the falls. Folks willing to make the hike could get there, but they had to crawl over a pile of mud and broken trees to do it.

But folks in the Vancouver Island Hiking Enthusiasts group on Facebook have confirmed the road is open again. And they did so with style.

Donald Allen took a dip. And that water was cold cold cold! Watch his Facebook reel for the screams.

Folks suspect whoever wanted to log before the road got washed out is back to finish what they started. There’s lots of machine activity out that way.

So yes, the road is open. You can once again visit Virgin Falls. But it’s still important to be super careful!

It’s a 44 km trip on a logging road. AWD is recommended. And another washout is only one good rainstorm away.

On VanIsle, beauty asks that you show up prepared for anything.