A drone shot from high above the top of Mount Gibson on a sunny day with whispy clouds. There are mountain peaks in the background.
Photo Credit: David DS / YouTube

WATCH: The Banana Man Drags a Drone to the Top of Mount Gibson

Watching this video is way warmer than climbing the mountain

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Get there quick as it might be logged soon

Remember David, the banana hiker? He likes to hike in snow as much as he loves his banana suit.

He recently summited Mount Gibson just west of Port Alberni. It’s one hell of a trek. The summit is 1,214 metres above sea level, and it took him and his team 4.5 hours to get to the top. But the view was totally worth it.

It’s the kind of experience David lives for.

“Nothing feels better in life than pushing yourself beyond your limits,” he says in the video. That’s before he explains how exhausted he is.

Thankfully you don’t have to climb the mountain to take in the view. You can just watch David’s video. We guarantee your hands will be warmer than his.

YouTube video

David found evidence of logging in the area, which means the trek around the base of the mountain will change soon.

We’re not sure if the forest is technically old growth. But based on the video, it’s still pretty thick.


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