Geoff Heith | Youtube

What We Love: Coastal Sea Wolves

Check out this stunning footage of some of the VanIsle's most elusive residents

Local photographer caught this wild moment for all of us

Photographer Geoff Heith captured this once-in-a-lifetime video of a pack of coastal sea wolves here on VanIsle.

The whole forest was out fishing for salmon that morning. At one point in the footage, you can see a family of black bears chasing a wolf as they get their morning meal as well.

Heith was stunned by the experience, saying it felt like everything was in slow motion and extra high speed all at once. He called the whole thing “a moment [he’ll] never forget!”

Scientists estimate there are between 180-250 wolves on VanIsle. Sea wolves live off of 90% seafood, cruising beaches for salmon, clams, herring eggs, barnacles, and carcasses of whales, seals and sea lions.

They are very illusive and shy, and most people only grab a glimpse of them before they disappear into nearby forests.