A man in a red hoodie stands in the middle of the cell phone store with a carton of eggs. Two employees sit behind the desk looking bewildered.

Photo Credit: Quinsam Communications

Why Did This Man Throw Eggs and Swear in the Phone Store?

He is yelling about 5G and COVID including lots of F-bombs

Because obviously the salesman can do something to stop 5G

It was a pretty ordinary evening at Quinsam Communications until the guy in the red hoodie came in.

Cody Spetifore and his co-worker were sitting behind the desk. The place was empty. It was almost time to close up shop.

Then all of a sudden, a guy with a carton of eggs waltzed in the door.

“He was screaming about 5G—thinking that people were spying on him,” Spetifore told Victoria Buzz. “It was definitely an unusual way to demonstrate.”

He started flinging eggs around the store. They smashed against the walls. He even threw one right at the plastic COVID shield protecting the workers.

“It wasn’t scary. It was definitely funny, but most of all, it was annoying,” Spetifore said.

The video is from Quinsam Communications security cameras. Don’t watch it if you don’t like swear words.

5G wireless technology was launched in 2018. But for some reason, in 2020, conspiracy theorists decided that the new 5G network was the real cause of COVID. Some people even burnt down cell towers thinking it would stop the spread of COVID.

There are a bunch of other conspiracy theories floating around about 5G.

So it might be weird to see a man freaking out about 5G in the cell phone store. But the idea that 5G is “spying on people” isn’t new.

Neither is the trend of people “protesting” by attacking folks who aren’t in charge. It’s a bit like pro-virus protesters going after nurses.

Because really, if 5G is actually a problem, throwing eggs at two guys selling phones at the mall isn’t going to do anything.