Kids cheer in front of a table full of warm clothes that have been donated to EDAS.

Photo Credit: Everybody Deserves A Smile | Facebook

Winter’s Here, and it’s Time to Bundle Up

If you've got a lot to say about the snow, here's a productive way to channel that

But not everyone can

Snow has hit VanIsle.

Either you’re one of those gloriously positive individuals who loves being outside in the cold. You’ve got your head in the clouds and you love every unique little snowflake.

Or you’re stuck inside, grumpily searching flight prices with mittens on for dramatic effect.

Personally, we’re nose-deep in Google Flights. But we’re still lucky enough to be wearing those mittens.

Not everyone has the same opportunity to get bundled up when the cold hits.

But you can help make sure the only people “freezing” are people like us, who are using First World Problems to add a bit of theatre to their lives.

Because there are folks who actually can’t get warm.

If you have some extra “last season” winter items, we’ve got the perfect place for you to bring them: your local school.

Wool socks, toques, mitts, gloves and scarves are being collected by local kids for folks who need them this winter.

Donations are still running for the Everybody Deserves a Smile program, a Comox initiative making 1,355 care packages for folks over the holiday season.

Donations run until December 5th. The project needs to collect a total of 970 pairs of wool socks, 573 mitts and gloves, 1,052 toques and 1,311 scarves. Larger clothing items like coats are also welcomed.

Donations can be made in person at one of the drop box locations or by making an e-transfer to

Drop box locations are as follows:

  • Comox Community Centre
  • Village Yarn Shoppe
  • Cumberland Community School
  • Courtenay Vancouver Island Regional Library
  • Uptown Yarns
  • Evergreen Club in the Florence Filberg Centre
  • Re/Max Realty, Courtenay
  • Studio IPF: Inner Pursuit Fitness

Giving when you can truly makes a huge difference. Plus, it inspires others to do the same, and makes our community stronger and better for everyone.

Participating student Naomi Titley told Comox Valley Now that growing up watching her family deliver care packages spurred on her desire to contribute and help people out the same way.

“My dad was part of dropping off most of the boxes for a couple of years,” Naomi said. “I’m in Grade 7 now, so I wanted to join the EDAS club to help out.”

The kids in the club give up their recesses to package clothes, prepare marketing packages and donation drop boxes, and “practice their elevator pitch to inspire our greater community,” said their Facebook page.

No whining about the snow from them!

The program has been running for 19 years now, and not only helps keep the Valley warm but teaches kids to “give voice to those who have no voice.”

So, if your voice is loud and clear on how much you hate (or love) the snow, remember to help out the people who have trouble getting out of it.