A misty shot of multi-coloured houses on the waterfront in Ucluelet at sunset.

Photo Credit: Tourism Ucluelet

Best Small Town: Ucluelet Up for Top Spot in BC

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It’s east meets west in the CBC small town challenge

The championship round of CBC‘s Best Small Town truly is a battle of the best.

Ucluelet and Kimberly are going head to head for British Columbia’s hearts and minds. And we know Ucluelet is the best.

Not that Kimberly is anything to scoff at. It’s a great town on the eastern edge of the province. There’s mountains and skiing and craft brews and happy people.

It’s just that Ucluelet is better. It’s got the rugged coastal charm of a town that’s seen storms and survived by working together.

Ian Riddick is the owner of Ucluelet’s Heartwood Kitchen. When CBC asked him what makes Ucluelet special, his answer was clear:

“The people, plain and simple,” he said.”The community doesn’t exist without a core of diverse and caring citizens.”

Even Tofino’s former Mayor thinks Ucluelet is awesome.

So if you want to push the little town on the edge of the world into the top position, vote now!

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