Two people sit by a campfire at night with the moon behind some clouds.

Photo Credit: James Wheeler / Pixabay

Conservation Officers Fine Campers for Campfires

Campfires are banned because of how dry things are right now

They aren’t messing around, they will find you and fine you

BC campers were fined more than $25,000 last week because they were caught having campfires.

There is a province-wide campfire ban right now. That’s because the weather has been dry, and the heatwave has basically turned all of BC into kindling.

So conservation officers have been visiting campgrounds and handing out tickets to anyone who has a campfire going.

Tickets are $1,150 each. But if your campfire starts a huge forest fire, you could even go to jail.

Conservation Officers hand out tickets like this to campers who have lit fires at their sites. Photo from Conservation Officer Service / Facebook.

Folks predicted that this year’s fire season would be bad. And it is.

Normally we don’t see fires like this until August.

The Ministry of Forests said last week that we all have to work together to prevent human-caused fires.

When someone’s stray spark or flung butt starts a fire, it means firefighters can’t work on the ones caused by lightning.