A picture full of fresh, colourful fruits and vegetables.

Photo Credit: Darius Dunlap | Flickr

Good Food For All

Making fresh local food affordable for everyone

Buying this local food box helps other families eat healthy

Fresh local produce. Yum. We’d all love to sink our teeth into some of that.

Sadly, often the healthiest food is the most expensive.

But a local program in Campbell River is switching that up. They put together awesome local food boxes at a subsidized price to give everyone some of that delicious goodness.

Maybe you’ve heard of or bought from the Good Food Box program before?

Now they’ve partnered up with LUSH Valley to box up food from local farmers and get it to local people—at a price folks can afford.

Callie Bouchard is the Greenways Outreach and Food Security Coordinator. “People can see which farms they come from, they’re all labelled with their little individual farm labels, which is exciting for people to actually see where it came from,” she told the Campbell River Mirror.

Large boxes cost $30, or $21 for subsidized pricing. The smaller boxes cost $20, or $14 for the subsidized price.

It’s not just a program for low-income families. Every family can get one subsidized box, but if you buy at full price it actually helps support a family who needs a bit of help.

“The Good Food Box program is actually available to anyone within the Campbell River Community that would like to participate in it. Purchase of full-price food boxes goes towards being able to continue to provide subsidized boxes to people that do need to take advantage of that,” said Bouchard.

So it’s not just good for you, it’s good for our communities, and the environment.

“This helps reduce our footprint by our produce not having to travel as far and not having to use such large carriers to get the veggies to us. This also helps promote our own food security by supporting local farmers and the local food economy,” she said.

Truly good food for all.

Each box can include things like fruits, vegetables, eggs and more. Visit the Good Food Box website to sign up for your first round!