Green, lush old growth forest with lots of small trees between the big ones.

Photo Credit: Bradley Davis / Flickr

Strathcona RD Endorses Old Growth Recommendations

Members of the RD say the recommendations are "fair and balanced"

The Regional District is acting because the province has been too slow

“A New Future for Old Forests” came out last September. The report came with 14 recommendations to protect old forests and keep logging going in BC. Since then, the province has done nothing.

The Strathcona Regional District has decided to take matters into their own hands.

At their meeting on June 16, the SRD voted to endorse the recommendations.

“There’s nothing really radical here,” said Martin Davis, SRD director from Tahsis. He contributed to the report and says the recommendations are “fair and balanced.”

The recommendations include things like working with First Nations and getting better data on forests and the plants and animals that live in them.

As the debate around logging in old forests heats up, Davis said the move sends “a signal that we do need to address the issues here.” The province “hasn’t acted quickly enough to re-balance the issue.”

Campbell River director Claire Moglove agrees with the recommendations. “They are not anti-logging and are balanced,” she said.

She knows there will be issues because people will disagree on how to carry them out. “The devil will always be in the details.”