The blood moon on a dark night with clouds approaching.

Photo Credit: Canva

The Last Lunar Eclipse is Tonight!

This Blood Moon is well worth seeing, although you might have to squint

But will we be able to see it?

It’s the last lunar eclipse for three years TONIGHT!

lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align so that the Moon passes under the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow, turning it a shocking bright red colour known as a “Blood Moon”.

It’s well worth seeing. There won’t be another one until March 2025. But for VanIslanders, it might not be as simple as peeking out your window.

First of all, it’s happening at 3 in the morning. So the main thing getting eclipsed might be your energy to get up for work tomorrow.

Besides the midnight madness, there’s one more significant obstacle that might be standing in the way of your viewing pleasure.

Yep. It’s clouds.

Our typical VanIsle clouds are back. So it might be worth checking the forecast in your area before you set any alarms.

Right now, it’s saying VanIsle will be partially cloudy, so fingers crossed.

Marley Leacock, an astronomer at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, told Vancouver Is Awesome that you don’t need any special equipment to view the lunar eclipse—but you’ll want to dress warmly. 

“For viewing tips, my largest one is to dress appropriately for the weather,” she said. 

“The moon will turn redder as it goes from partially covered by the umbra to being completely covered, or total eclipse. Totality begins at 2:16 a.m., with the maximum occurring at 2:59 a.m,” she explains.

For all Lunar enthusiasts, this is your moment to catch the big show!

The moon will stay red, slowly fading in radiance till about 3:41 a.m.

To all the astrology fiends, if you’re lucky, this might just be your chance to manifest something good through the full moon. But there are active meteor showers all November, so you could also wish on a falling star.

We’ll be out there with you, wishing for more sleep and coffee strong enough to get through Tuesday.