A member of the search and rescue stands on a snowy mountain facing a helicopter that is taking off.

Photo Credit: Arrowsmith Search And Rescue | Facebook

These Local Heroes Get Nice New Digs

But who was their "stranded hiker?"

The new ASAR training facility will help the team beef up their skills

Arrowsmith Search and Rescue has a brand new facility where they’ll be honing their life-saving skills!

While the doors may have just swung open, the centre is already bustling with people training and touring.

Arrowsmith Search And Rescue | Facebook

The grand opening in October was the first showcasing of the epic practice setup, which features rope climbing rigs and first aid practice setups.

AdventureSmart showed off their skills with rescue simulations, as well as demonstrations featuring the advanced wilderness first aid, rope, and swift water teams.

The 100% volunteer-run organization just hosted the Provincial Government Caucus. They gave an interactive demonstration on stretcher handling and techniques to rescue a climber stranded on a cliff.

Quite fittingly, Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth volunteered to be the “stranded climber.”

Arrowsmith Search And Rescue | Facebook

He got a first-hand view of how ASAR rope team members reach subjects, put them in a rescue harness and then raise them to safety.

The ASAR team said they also had a “very good discussion on how ASAR and other teams operate in the province.”

The organization has come a long way. Since their conception, they’ve progressed from a small group of caring people with no training or equipment to the professional volunteer group it is today.

ASAR now plays a massive role in assisting the RCMP and local authorities in saving people in distress. It’s inspiring to see how far they’ve come to help keep residents and visitors safe.

The new centre will play a huge role in taking the team’s skills to the next level.

Thanks to their dedication, we can all explore our beautiful home to its full extent, knowing if we ever need help, it’s on the way.

But remember to be safe out there. You don’t want to wind up on the news for being rescued after a bad selfie attempt.