Arrowsmith Search and Rescue team walks an injured person out of the woods. The person is inside a stretcher that looks like a long wheelbarrow.

Photo Credit: Arrowsmith Search and Rescue / Facebook

Help Arrowsmith Search and Rescue Match Big Donation

Because you never know when you'll need someone to rescue your sorry ass from the trail

An anonymous donor is matching all money raised up to $20,000 this month

If you live somewhere near Mount Arrowsmith, there’s a chance the Arrowsmith Search and Rescue has made your life better.

Maybe they haven’t had to rescue you. But I’ll bet they’ve helped a friend, or a family member, or a neighbour.

Maybe they jumped in to help the fire department close to your house.

The Arrowsmith Search and Rescue team dangles a rescuer over a cliff into a raging river to bring an unconscious man out of the falls.
The Search and Rescue team lift an unconscious man from Little Qualicum Falls in December 2020.
Credit Arrowsmith Search and Rescue.

Maybe they’ve helped teach your kid how to be safe in the woods.

They’ve rescued lost hikers. They’ve used helicopters to airlift folks after they’ve been hurt on their quads and mountain bikes. They’ve brought home old folks with Alzheimer’s who went missing in the night.

They even dragged an unconscious man from the raging Little Qualicum River.

Why? Because they’re total badasses, that’s why.

And now it’s time for us to say thank you in the form of cold, hard cash.

In September, a generous donor will match all money we donate up to $20,000.

Yep. Someone out there (we don’t know who!) is ready to cough up twenty grand.

But only if we all do that as well.

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