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May the storm in your heart be reflected on the cam

The province proposed an old-growth plan last November

Who can resist some wispy fog floating above the water?

A new study shows that Alaska is catching BC salmon while Canada shuttered our industry

Citizens say pollution from ship-breaking operation could threaten lucrative shellfish industry

Storeys beach in the storm

Recent snow pack and heavy rains could cause flooding as another storm is set to wallop the island

When Islanders got their property assessments this week pretty much everyone went “whoa”

Comox Valley SAR team trudged through blizzards and an avalanche warning to save five people and two dogs in one day

Dismissed by some, mqny say land-based fish farms are the key to protecting wild salmon

Grab your skates, sticks and snow shovels and hit the ponds before it’s too late

Homelessness in the Comox Valley has jumped 75% during the pandemic

Mt Stephens looking spectacular

The bear is safe at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

Some big money has turned Stuart Island, at the mouth of Bute Inlet into a rich man’s playground

Smith didn’t start training until she was in her late 50s

Can we have a fifth wave if the fourth one never ended?

Islanders capture the beauty of the island in seasonal photos

And your bank fees will probably go up again

It’s not for everyone, but some dedicated surfers line up to carve waves on the east side